Comand line basics

Simple command line commands for daily use:

1. cd source  ||It takes you to the folder named source in C drive.

2. cd \  ||Takes you to the root folder.

3. cd .. --takes you to parent directory.

4. cd ../.. takes yot to parent directory by two levels.

5. cd a[tab]    || When you press tab key after pressing "a", it gives all the directory names which starts with a.

6. dir test || list the files in tests folder.

7. dir test || list the files in tests folder.

8. dir /a || also lists hidden files along with unhidden files.

9. cls || clears the  screen.

10. dir *.png ||  Lists all the files which has file format of .png[images].

11. IMG_1234.JPG || It opens the file IMG_1234 in the defacult program, which it uses by default.

12. ipconfig ||  Displays the IP config info.

13. any command /? ||  help and displays all the options for that command.

14. mkdir test ||  creates a new folder named test.

15. rmdir test ||  Deletes the directory named test [It only works if the directory is empty.]

If you have sub directories in a directory, rmdir test.

16. rmdir /s test -- It deletes the entire contents of the test including sub folders.

17. cd "C:\Source\test1\test2\test3" -- No matter where you are it will takes you to the controllers folder. This is called absolute path.

18. tree || Displays the tree structure from whatever the folder you choose.

A simple snap shot of the commands.

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