Alternates for Bitcoin

From last one month, most of you heard of one thing. BITCOIN.

May be you know some of your friends became rich and bought a brand new cars and houses overnight. And you still be working in the same company, wondering how to make money. As Bitcoin passed $16,500 yesterday and becoming stable there. We feel, It's time for you to invest in alternatives of Bitcoin.

Here are our suggestions for you to invest with minimum risk and staying in safer place.

1. Lite Coin (Around $350)
2. Ethereum (Around $550)
3. Nexus Coin(Around 2.50)
4. Monero (Around $300)
5. ARK.(Around $4.35)

Here are our top suggestions for you to stay in minimum risk and earn more. And we suggest you to invest responsibly.

Here is also one of the startups from Ethereum : Decentraland.

But, you have to wait for at least 3-4 years to see the difference. We suggest you to invest around $100 now, and forget about them for a while.

Happy money making, and once again Invest responsibly.

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