What to expect from apple in 2018

If you feel, 2017 was a good year for Apple. 2018 might be able to beat it, with the whole new series of iPhones, Airpods, MacBooks, iMacs, and much more.

Starting with HomePod, Apple is expecting to launch it's first wi-fi smart speaker to compete with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and some other startups. It has a inbuilt woofer with a 4 inch upward facing. It includes Apple A8 chip and a speaker. We hope that, Siri is embedded into the speaker.

After Apple released it's flagship new iPhone model X, and got a huge success with Face ID, now rumors suggest that apple is planning to implement this feature in the upcoming iPad release in 2018, and apple is expected to release a budget iPhone at the range of $250.

AirPods and Wireless charging mat:
It's been quite sometime that, Apple released it's AirPods, and they have stated that AirPods will support wireless charging. After the launch of iPhone X, it's even more obvious that, they have to release the Wireless charging mat. 2018 is the time, Apple is going to release the wireless charging mat..

Macbook Pro and Macbook:

Every year, Apple is introducing a new Macbook, and the expectations are even going higher, 2018 is the time to reboot their Macbooks. It's expected to have the 8th generation Intel processors, along with faster processing operating systems, and increased memory for RAM and SSD.

iMac Pro and iMac:

It is expected that iMac pro is having a 32% increase in the efficiency in the operating system. As iMac pro is not updated last year, and also iMac is been updated a long time back, both will get an advancement in this year.

Apple watch series 4:

Apple is expected to release the new series for Apple watch. After introducing cellular services to Apple watch, people are  more anticipated, what they are going to add next. Hopefully, they are going to add new features, rather than the operating systems and faster processors.

iOS 12:

After few glitches, and battery issues faced by iOS 11, Apple is expecting it's next OS in line to be even more better. iOS 12 is expected to include faster processing, along with some other new features,  which is very soon to expect.

Four new iPhone models:

Along with second version of the iPhone SE, Apple is expected to release three new iPhone X similar models with 5.8 inch,6.1 inch,6.3 inch screens(or may be a 6.5 inches as well). After the huge success of iPhone X, these new phones are expected to be even more expensive.

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