Purification of water leads more electric cars: Scientists


           There is a huge demand for Lithium batteries, as more and more electric cars are being manufactured concerning about environmental issues. From the conventional mines, we can only have limited amount of Lithium available. But, scientists have found a solution for that, just turn the ocean's water into mines, which can produce Lithium. Scientists have found a technique for desaliation, that would use metal-organic frameworks, that would produce Lithium, while purifying them, which is good in both the ways, one is to produce Lithium, and one is to produce fresh water. 

         Even though, we have many conventional ways, that produce Lithium, but the one they have developed a new way, which is most effective and eco-friendly. For this mechanism, we don't have to use harmful chemicals or pumping the water.

        This  technique needs more research and, right now this is not ready for use. Before it is being used in the real time scenarios, this technique has to be perfect. As soon as, this one is ready, we will have much more Lithium available for making the batteries, which can be used in Mobile phones, Laptops, Electronic cars and many more devices. 

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