Space X falcon 9 launch

As we witnessed Space X has just sent the biggest rocket to space, before even we forget about this, Space X is ready to launch Falcon 9, which is going to send two satellites to space names
Microsat-2A and Microsat-2B.

Before 3 years, Elon musk has shared his view regarding providing low cost internet to the world by sending 12,000 satellites to the space, and make the world a better place to live. For making that project to go in reality, Space X is sending two test satellites this sunday.

Spanish satellite Paz is the main payload for this launch. And the host for this launch is: "Vandenberg Air Force Base in CaliforniaVandenberg Air Force Base in California", and the main intention for this satellite is to capture the images on the earth down by one meter.

As per Space X, this is the main mission for this satellites: "In addition to proving out the development of the satellite bus and related subsystems, the test program for the Microsat-2a and -2b spacecraft will also validate the design of a phased array broadband antenna communications platform."

Out of all satellites, almost 4,450 satellites stay about 700 miles from earth, and the rest will be about 200 miles. And, as these will be in motion around earth, which provides the best internet to the world.

FCC chairman Ajit pai says: “Following careful review of this application by our International Bureau’s excellent satellite engineering experts, I have asked my colleagues to join me in supporting this application and moving to unleash the power of satellite constellations to provide high-speed internet to rural Americans".

We will update the live link here on Sunday, as soon as it goes live.

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