Volks Wagen unveils I.D. VIZZION concept car

To the series of "I.D" from Volks Wagen, here comes the 4th model to the concept cars line up, and, they are ready to show the car in real, at Geneva Motor show. This is coming completely as a redesigned sedan body, featuring doors like a Rolls Royce, and comes with 111 kWh battery pack, which can boost the car a range of 413 Miles, and they, also confirmed that, they can add a extra motor, which can result a top speed of 112 Miles per hour.

This car won't be having a steering wheel, and an embedded AI makes the car, one of the safest of the kind. It is expected to hit the public in 2020, with competing against GM and Tesla, and Toyota autonomous vehicles.

Here are some pics:

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